Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost Creek Winery & Speakeasy DC

Lost Creek Winery

One January Saturday, at around noon, I drove out to Leesburg to join a Meet-Up Group for a ladies'-only event at Lost Creek Winery.  It looked like just what I needed to relax, unwind, and have a quiet day while I struggled to fight a cold.

What a gem!  At Lost Creek Winery, couples, families, and friends can go for a quick and friendly wine tasting, buy a bottle, and then -- here's the fun part -- sit down at a table in front of the fireplace.  Not only that, but you can either bring your own cheese, or buy it there.  Sausage and other foods is also available.  Then, while you are relaxing with your group, you can hear a soulful singer entertain you.

A visit to this winery is no fancy affair, it is the perfect place to taste and buy wine while also wearing jeans.  For those interested in visiting, here is the website:

Speakeasy DC
Who doesn't love a good story?  You can't think of anyone, can you?  Are you a good storyteller ... do you want to tell better stories, or know someone who wants to?
I discovered Speakeasy DC when I went with a Meetup group to an open mic event on fashion and clothing.  The event started with a professional comedian to break the ice, but it was every day folks like you and me who told the rest of the stories.  Some were funny, many were funny, but it is not stand-up comedy or speechgiving.  Speakeasy DC has classes on the old-fashioned skill of telling a story.  The open mic events are pre-planned, so you can not sign up upon showing up for the event, but you don't have to take a class to participate.
If you're wondering how entertaining the events are, I was so inspired by the event that I went to, that I signed up for the next open mic topic: Grass is Greener.  How easy is that?!  I don't think there's a soul who can say they haven't looked at someone and said, 'your grass is greener than mine!' I'm not talking about yards, FYI.  ;-)
For classes or events, or to sign-up to participate in an open mic night go to:
Have some fun!